The most large-size equipment for the 4th process train — Methanizer Column — has been delivered at the Amur GPP jetty.

1 июля 2020, 11:43

The most large-size equipment for the 4th process train — Methanizer Column (Demethanizer) — has been delivered at the Amur GPP jetty.

This is also the most large-size and heavy-weight equipment out of all equipment that will be delivered at the Amur GPP during a summer navigation period in 2020. The weight of the demethanizer column is 870 tons with its length reaching 88 m. Cranes with capacities of 1350 and 750 tons have been erected at the Amur GPP temporary jetty facility for handling operations. Truck cranes and self-propelled modular transporters have been mobilized to deliver this equipment to the construction site.

«The Demethanizer Column is the core of our technology, it is here that the process of methane extraction from other valuable cuts takes place. This vessel operates at 30 atmosphere pressure, temperature reaches up to minus 100 degrees Celsius. It is important that gas will be processed here, at the plant in the Russian Federation, delivering products with high added value», — explained the Director General of Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk, LLC, Yury Lebedev.

Totally, 43 equipment items with a total weight of some 8 thousand tons are planned to be delivered at the Amur GPP construction site during summer 2020 navigation period. 13 tug/barge towing arrangements will be involved to transport cargoes via Russian rivers.

The Amur GPP will be one of the largest natural gas processing plants globally. Its design capacity will reach 42 bcm of gas per year. The plant will consist of six process trains with first two trains planned for commissioning in 2021. The GPP commercial products will include, besides methane, ethane, propane, butane, penthane/hexane cut and helium.
The investor and the owner of the Amur GPP construction project is Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk, LLC (part of Gazprom Group). Construction management is performed by NIPIGAZ, JSC, which is a leading Russian center for engineering, supplies, logistics and construction management (part of SIBUR Group).